ProBuy can lower your Food Cost as much as 2%

Save your Club or Restaurant more money than other Foodservice Procurement Services

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Get Cost Savings
like the Big Boys

I wish my Golf Club or Restaurant could buy groceries and get pricing like ClubCorp® Troon Golf® or other major chains.

What’s the Catch?

It is not what you might think.

We are not another “Rebate Only” Buying Group.

There are quite a few “Rebate Only” grocery programs out there. ProBuy beats Entegra Buying Group® and ClubProcure™ every time!

A Foodservice Procurement
Program for most all size operators.

We have a small Golf Club with limited F&B. Do we qualify?

Members and Customers are #1

They love our menu. I wish I could lower my Food Cost by 2% or more WITHOUT lowering our product quality.

How Can We help you?

I am not sure this is for me but I would like to talk to a real person. I would like to know more about your ProBuy Foodservice Procurement Service but I am afraid that you will barrage me with emails and phone calls “to follow up”

We do not do that. If you opt out (one click on the contact form) you will NEVER hear from us again unless you request it.

I like what I see. I would like to know specifically how the sign-up process works.

I know it is not a big deal but I have referred a friend and want to be entered in this month’s drawing for a dozen golf balls.