ProBuy Group Purchasing Organization

The goal shouldn’t be to help 10,000 Restaurants/Clubs a little. The goal should be to transform the savings of 100 Restaurants/Clubs.

Yasir Khan

Friend and Marketing Genius

Yasir’s words were the inspiration of our mission statement

The two principles that makeup ProBuy are Denis & Sandy O’Donnell. After long careers on the two different sides of the procurement game, Denis and Sandy decided to create a type of GPO that until now did not exist. One that was not wanting to add members whether they fit or not. We know that 50% to 60% of the independent Restaurant/Club buyers out there will not want to do what it takes to be an effective procurement program buyer. We decided that it was worth the effort to find that 40% who genuinely want the advantages that ProBuy can truly bring.

Denis O’Donnell


As a Foodservice veteran of over 35 years, Denis knows what it takes to run a food cost and maximize a net profit. Denis’ experience is flavored with everything from fast food to fine dining, catering to coffee shop, restaurant manager to Country Club F&B. As F&B Director of Kingwood Country Club, Denis introduced and later negotiated the original ClubCorp® – Sysco program. After installing that program in the 64 SW Region Clubs and the resulting 3% Food Cost savings across the Region, Denis was asked to assist working with the newly staffed Regional Purchasing Managers across the nation to install the program chain wide.

Mark Phillips and Arnold Palmer

Previous Regional CFO ClubCorp® Director of Accounting Dave and Busters VP/Controller Century Golf

Retired and enjoying his grandchildren and many rounds of golf

Denis and I worked together at ClubCorp® in the Houston area. I first got to know him as a professional food & beverage expert who had a great warm personality. Then I saw him develop a powerful, cost-saving buying program for our entire region of dining and country clubs which included the southwest part of the U.S. I have always found Denis to be approachable, engaging, and very knowledgeable of the entire food industry.  He earns the trust of his peers and superiors by explaining the reasoning for his recommendations and them delivering on the benefits of them.

Jim Cirelli

Previous Sysco Program Sales

VP Sales Chung’s Gourmet Foods
Creator and Partner All Fresh Foods
Independent New Product Pioneer

I started working with Denis when he was an entrepreneur forty years ago. Denis is a highly skilled operational and detail-oriented food service operator. I called on Denis as a salesman for many years when he ran purchasing for ClubCorp®. Denis is an exceptional person, highly knowledgeable in the food service industry. The one thing I would always say about Denis, is that you can always count on him. Denis is one of the best restaurant operation managers that I ever knew.

Bertrand Oriot

Previous Regional Chef for ClubCorp

Previous Regional Chef for ClubCorp
The previous Owner Bertrand’s Imported French Foods
Distributor Houston Dallas San Antonio and Austin

When experience and knowledge with prompt execution makes you realize as a customer the comfort to have made the best decision contracting with Denis & Sandy O’Donnell. They are all about principles and values.

Sandy O’Donnell


Starting as a customer service rep in program sales, Sandy’s no-nonsense way of approaching problems and solutions made her stand out amongst the crowd. When Sysco Houston decided to write the first “Regional Pricing” Software Sandy was tasked to sit with software developers and help guide what the software had to do to complete the task. Later, due to Sandy’s intricate knowledge of Customer Contract design and how a Contract could impact every department in the Sysco building, Sandy was promoted to “Head of Profit Management” for Sysco Houston. Sandy and her team monitored the entire process of executing and adhering to all aspects of all CMU Contracts currently in play. This position gave Sandy a deep understanding of existing Contracts and all of the complex potential structures that were available to a Customer.  Due to her depth of understanding, Sandy executed ongoing audits with some of the largest customers Sysco serviced.  A level of knowledge that makes ProBuy stand uniquely above the rest.

Toni Ganzenmuller

Former Vice President of Human Resources 
9 years at Sysco Houston 

I had the pleasure of working with Sandy for many years at Sysco Houston where she was consistently ranked a top-performer. Sandy has exceptional industry knowledge, creative problem-solving skills and is someone others rely on to get things done. You can always depend on Sandy to deliver an outstanding product. 


Linda Foss

School Bid Manager

Retired Sysco Houston 25 years

I worked with Sandy for about 10 years one on one and more years than that from different locations and always enjoyed her advice and insight.  Sandy’s insight into contracts made it possible for me to work on multimillion-dollar bids and know that I was able to confidently take care of all concerned.   Sandy’s scope is absolute research and knowledge, 360 degrees of our business.  In my 15 years of working bids, Sandy always stood by her beliefs and would face anyone square on to keep the highest standards of business.  We worked our mission and moved forward, always able to find a laugh, be compassionate and move on.  Her employees loved and respected her.  Our upper management listened to her guidance and opinions.