I saw your website and I am curious on what you guys actually do?

As other consultants and GPO’s do, we review food service purchasing for savings opportunities and deal structure. Having ProBuy review your purchasing deal situation, we will identify any substantial savings available for you. We know what an aggressive contract looks like. We also know how distributors work and what their hot buttons are. If we estimate less than a 1% savings, we will advise you, thank you for the opportunity and wish you the best moving forward. If we estimate more than that, with your permission, we will negotiate a better deal and present you with a report that will layout the savings probabilities. Keep in mind that we do this at  lower administration fees than the other GPO’s.

Why do I have to give you so much information for this free review?

Our experience allows us to know firsthand many real customer contracts and how they are structured.  Our experience, also being from the customer prospective, gives a sense on how to make contracts more effective at the unit level. We cannot explore all possible advantages without the information package that we request. You can see our non-disclosure (a link on home page) protecting your privacy.  We do nothing without your permission.

What if I get this free review and I decide not to do anything further?

If after seeing our projected savings, you decide not to go further, we will thank you for the opportunity and then walk away.

Do you offer any separate Non-Food programs?

We are excited to announce our new Non-Food Programs. Tablesnchairs.com has 1600 items including Alulite “Swirl” tables, picnic tables, Correll seminar tables, emu Contract outdoor furniture, bar tables, un-printed table covers & skirts, Oklahoma Sound lecterns and AV presentation products, National Public Seating banquet stack chairs, folding chairs, cafeteria tables and much much more. We also have programs with Ring Central for VOIP phone systems, cloud based cutting edge Toast POS systems, Logo Sportsware for printed T-Shirts & Hats, Hiscox Small Business insurance and much more to come! We have 15 other programs in the works. These Programs will be available for all Clients that allowed us to review their situation WHETHER YOU USE OUR FOOD PROGRAM OR NOT! Our way of saying thank you for the opportunity. Allow us to review your purchasing opportunities and we will provide the password to gain access to those programs.

How am I sure that this process will give me a deal that is better than I already have?

ProBuy cannot prepare a better deal without your free review. However, our many years of experience in the industry and the cost reductions we have generated for different operations suggest that you should see some deal improvements and significant savings as well. However, neither of us will know without our review and analysis.

I am dealing with one of the country’s largest GPO’s already. How could you guys offer anything better?

Knowing our competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are the key to our success and the best opportunity to reduce your costs. We will give you an honest evaluation and tell you if any deals cannot be improved. If there is not enough savings to support moving forward, we will shake hands and wish you continued success. However, some deals (even from the big boys) can be beat. That is why we offer our free review. In addition to our ability for cost improvement potentials from our review, our admin fees are much lower than other typical GPO’s.

I want the free review but I do not want to bother with providing all of the information.

We are not able to offer anything of value without knowing the facts.

How many units do I have to have before you would review the possibilities?

One. We have a package that offers single restaurants some great opportunities. All are worth a free review.

I already have a perfect deal but would like to hire you guys to administer our distributor audit.

Unfortunately, we only offer our expert audit services to existing ProBuy clients.