ProBuy Procurement Services Does What the Big Boys do…

Companies such as ClubCorp®, Troon Golf®, Billy Casper®, Arcis Golf®, and many other multi-unit club operators and management companies, all understand the value of a procurement services program.
Not everyone actually knows what “ program purchasing” really means. The market throws around the word “program” to make customers feel good. Telling a customer that they have a “program” actually tricks them into thinking that they are saving money. In truth, they may be saving some money but it is a misleadingly small amount compared to a true program.

ProBuy offers a true “margin over cost” program.  The ProBuy distributor contract is structured just like the Big Boys. Our contract covers the same products, the same categories, the same price protection as all of the major chain operators.

 ProBuy does NOT do linen deals, pest control deals, or any other ancillary services like VGM ClubProcure™ or Entegra Procurement Services®. We have devoted our efforts to design a foodservice margin schedule that will bring savings for the small Golf Club to the Medium to Large multi-unit Chain.  ProBuy’s focus is to secure the lowest margins possible for various annual purchase levels within the Golf and Private Club community.  Low margins for categories such as:



Bottle & Can Beverage

ProBuy Members Get …