Before you sign up… don’t you want to know how much you can save?

Most of our buying group Clients really appreciated us completing a purchasing analysis before they formally sign up.

The analysis normally takes ten days or less from the time we get all of the needed information. Asking for an analysis IS NOT an agreement to sign up. After getting the results of the analysis, if you are not interested, we walk away as friends. We will never contact you again unless you request it. 

Free Club Analysis:

What is the “Sign up” Process?

If the results of the analysis shows a level of savings that you feel is worth going forward here is how the program is installed. 

This install process can take between one to three weeks from end to end.  

Program Install:

That is the process in a nutshell. The move to becoming a ProBuy Procurement Program customer is a disruptive process to some degree. The good news is that after about the first thirty days and once the bugs on both sides are worked out, typically the staff will recognize the many benefits of becoming a Member of the ProBuy family of operators.  

After you join the program, you old suppliers will offer you a “program” to “beat” ProBuy. Four issues… Why now? Why not in the past? Do you get that overcharged money back? Will you get audit privileges like ProBuy has? If you fall for it, they will wait a number of months and then go back to the way things were. I have actually seen a competitor offer pricing below cost to prove that they can now do better than ProBuy. All they have to do is raise your pricing 2% per month and after 6-7 months be back to normal. ProBuy saves you money every delivery, month in month out, year in year out. It is like being on cruise control. No games just steady consistent and reliable savings.