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Food And Beverage Purchasing Experts

You have But higher cost

Tablesnchairs potential customers … Welcome to ProBuy!

The owners of Tablesnchairs have launched a very different kind of Food and Beverage GPO (Group Purchasing Organization).  ProBuy combines the Food and Beverage Purchasing power and the great credit history of its Group Participants and negotiates National Chain level Programs with its Broadline Distributors of choice.
A National Program can level the playing field for independent Restaurants, Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Caterers, and bring expense relief to the Faith Based Community (Churches, Synagogues, Private Schools & Camps).
ProBuy’s unique approach to GPO’s can bring savings even for mid-sized to large multi-unit organizations that may think they already have the best deal around. (Hint… large GPO’s do NOT pass on all of the available savings like ProBuy)
There is no cost to join. Actually, there is no cost to the Participant at all. The Distributor pays ProBuy an Administrative Fee for bringing them enthusiastic, on-time paying customers.
If your organization purchases a minimum of $5,000 per month, with a delivery typically $1,000 or more and an average of one delivery per week for smaller Participants and two deliveries per week for larger Participants, we can save you money. You actually get to know how much money you will save before you join.
If you meet the $5,000 monthly purchase minimum with your broadline grocery distributor(s) and submit one full month of invoices, you will receive a detailed analysis showing the projected ProBuy savings.

ProBuy participants get some of the lowest prices on the internet

ProBuy participants can save as much as 10% of the posted Tablesnchairs.com prices.

Currently ProBuy is servicing the Eastern US with distribution as far West as Texas. Feel free to contact our sales team with your zip code to verify service availability before providing any invoices.

Food Cost can make you or break you. You receive it right, you store it right, you rotate it right, you prep it right, you prepare and present it right.

But none of that helps if you are not buying it right in the first place.

You pay nothing out of pocket

How does this work?

Denis & Sandy O’Donnell, owners of ProBuy bring you many years of experience in foodservice distribution, chain purchasing and foodservice management. Sandy has 25 years of high-level administrative experience with the largest broadline distributor in the country (ahem Sy–o). Her knowledge of distributor pricing structures, contract structures, types of customer incentives and auditing is unrivaled. Denis brings 30 years of foodservice management from fast food to white glove. Denis’s last 10 years was in the purchasing business negotiating national distribution contracts for ClubCorp. The ProBuy team brings a unique consulting service that truly understands the process from both sides of the purchasing equation. ProBuy provides this service with absolute transparency, a sense of urgency, responsiveness and easily understood documentation.

ProBuy’s goal is to increase your bottom line and allow you a competitive advantage that you may not be getting with your current purchasing avenues.

Also, if you belong to a GPO that offers product rebates only, our agreement may allow you to keep that relationship. ProBuy’s agreement would be for your distributor savings only.

ProBuy’s admin fee can be 30% to 65% lower than other MAJOR GPO companies.

All GPO’s get paid by the distributor with an “admin fee”. Our lower fees allow us to compete with ANY existing GPO regardless of size. That means that most times we can bring an advantage to a single location and to medium / large multi-unit operators alike.

You have nothing to lose but higher costs.

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