If you have read our Big Boy’s  page, we brag about how the ProBuy Procurement Program is structured very much like all of the major chains
That deal, like all deals has two sides.

Chains approach a distributor and negotiate great margins but they know going into the deal that they need to offer some concessions to earn those margins. 

Concessions like:

What’s the truth?

We are NOT better negotiators than you:

Most operators are great negotiators. We are certainly NOT any better at negotiating than you. Imagine if you went to 20 of your neighbors and all of you agreed to pick one certain auto dealer and all agreed to buy their next vehicle from them. You can walk into the dealership and by-pass the sales team and go right into the “fleet” office. This is the place where your city, county, major employers go to buy their vehicle fleet. The fleet guy will typically offer you a straight $200-$500 over their TRUE invoice cost. Not having to pay commissions to any of the sales team makes it a no brainer for the dealer. (Plus, they still get the 2% from the factory on the back side). It is a win – win for everybody! That’s ProBuy. Request a FREE Analysis and help us help you.

We use our multi-unit clout to coordinate a pre-arranged structure where the distributor is allowed to make X% over their true landed cost (product cost + freight). Being inside this new multi-unit structure and outside the traditional games, your pricing is verified by ProBuy’s audit privileges. ProBuy is allowed to basically look at the books to verify the arrangement is being honored. With a written distributor agreement, ProBuy clients get the best prices on ALL items and EVERY invoice with no further negotiating. Simple and effective.

However, if you do not feel that you are getting a benefit, you can always go back to your old way and cancel our agreement. To date no one has done that. Why? Because ProBuy does exactly what we promise. We negotiate your new pricing as if you were a multi-unit operation. And then keep a consistent watchful eye on all invoicing to assure their negotiated costs are honored.