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Do you feel as though you are getting the very best deal from Sysco, US Foods, PFG, Gordons or any other regional or national broad line distributor?
Or do you know you are?

ProBuy can tell you!

Who we are

Denis & Sandy O’Donnell, owners of ProBuy bring you many years of experience in foodservice distribution, chain purchasing and foodservice management.  Sandy has 25 years’ experience with the largest broadline distributor in the country. Her knowledge of distributor pricing structures, contract structures, types of customer incentives and auditing is unrivaled. Denis brings 30 years of foodservice management from fast food to white glove. Denis’s last 10 years was negotiating national distribution contracts for a major private club company. This team brings a unique consulting service that truly understands the process from both sides of the purchasing equation. ProBuy provides this service with absolute transparency, a sense of urgency, responsiveness and easily understood documentation. Working with ProBuy, you will enjoy a relationship that comes with a plain spoke manner, the goal of increasing your bottom line, and allowing you and your company a competitive advantage that you may not be getting with your current GPO contract.

How do I start the process?

Step 1. Review the attached NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that we have signed. Sign, scan and return the form to This document is for your privacy and security. We do not disclose any knowledge or information about you or your company during our review process, or throughout the contact relationship, to anyone without your explicit permission.

Step 2. Once the NDA is initialized, you will need to gather and send us the following information:

  • A copy of your current Distributor Agreement from your active main line distributor(s).
  • A list or your current locations (covered by your distribution agreement) with complete addresses.
  • A “descending dollar” report from your primary distributor(s) showing the activity for at least any consecutive 6 months (Excel format please).
  • All invoices (food, non-food, maintenance etc.) from any one location for any one-month period.
  • How many distributor deliveries do you expect per week?
  • A list of any propriety items you currently demand that your main line distributor keep in stock.
  • A list of any current GPO’s (Group Purchasing Organization) you may be a member.

How much do you charge?

To get started, “NOTHING”. That’s right. That is, we do not charge you for our review. Once we present you with our assessment and with your permission, we will begin the negotiation process.  When we have secured a proposal with lower pricing, we will present our Participations Agreement assigning ProBuy as your GPO and your acceptance of that Distributor Agreement. We get paid by the distributor with an admin fee disclosed in the contract proposal, as most all GPO’s do. BUT, there is a big difference between our fees and theirs. . .  Cost.

  1. Our admin fee can be 30% to 65% lower than the other GPO companies.
  2. Typically, the other GPO’s fees never go away. Our fee drops to ZERO after 36 months.
  3. Our proposed Distributor Agreement will reflect both a lower admin fee and a lower margin structure. That is what we do.
  4. If you belong to a GPO that offers rebates only, our agreement will allow you to keep that relationship. Our agreement will be for your distributor agreement only.

We welcome the opportunity to take a first “non-committal” step with you and your company.  You have nothing to lose but higher costs.

Please call us at 1-832-412-2257


Sandy & Denis O’Donnell

Want to start the process?

  1. Download the Non-Disclosure PDF by Clicking HERE
  2. Print the PDF or (E-sign using PDF E-signing tool)
  3. Sign the PDF
  4. Email back to us at

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